It’s my birthday

So Sunday while we were in Auckland just so happened to be my birthday… Woopwoop

Peter and me at breakfast

We enjoyed an amazing breakfast at Nottingham Cafe in Parnell, it was easily the best cafe I have ever been to!!!

awesome front page of their menu. The waitress took pitty on me taking a photo and gave me a copy. (Ps the bottom guy had a “squidly didly” stuck on his hand)
Nottinghill kitchen in Parnell

Free range bacon buttie and chai late – heaven. Couldn’t think of a better way to start my birthday than with good company and really good food.

Peter managed to arrange a surprise piece of birthday cheesecake. Yum!!

Bacon buttie with potato rosti
Beth and Kyle enjoying breakfast

Leaving the cafe Beth pointed out my new favorite sign.

Best sign ever!!!

After breakfast we dropped Beth and Kyle at the airport and went for a walk into the city for lunch and a drink at Danny Doolans and a quick walk around the viaduct, visiting this place has become a bit of a tradition of mine each time I go to Auckland.

Dolan at Doolans
Found this random cow statue in the city
I think she laughed her ass off….

Later a quick swim and dinner where we witnessed two old people making our on a park bench (full on making out) followed by more cider and ice cream.

Cider and ice cream

Monday, bright and early, we flew home to family birthday celebrations.

Amazing home made cake made by my mother in law

All in all a very good and very tiring weekend! I’m glad for things to be back to normal!

Sleepy time

Love From Lou-Lou xox


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