Rainy afternoon update / Auckland trip

Well its a rainy afternoon, the house work is done, dinner is in the oven and the other half is taking a nap. Finally some time to update the blog (sorry I have been slack so far…)

So what has been happening?

Baby Shower

Both of my sisters are pregnant, so we had a very pink (both of them are having girls), very cute combined baby shower.


So much PINK!!!

Upper Hutt Summer Carnival

As per my usual tradition, we attended the annual Upper Hutt Summer Carnival. Wood chopping and carnival rides, it was like going back to my childhood.

A day of watching competative wood chopping (my father is a wood chopper and this is his home competition) followed by a bbq and a beer with the axeman. 

Sun, beer, food and good company… couldn’t get much better.


Back to the childhood with some carnival rides
Wood Chopping – Dad is the third back on the right

Body Building

So my other half is a body builder and for the past 16 (?) weeks he has been working out and dieting hard the Auckland Pro Ams.

Last weekend we went to Auckland for this show and a mini holiday (although I came back more tired than when I left)

We had a huge issue with our accommodation, booking.com cancelled our booking and didn’t tell us, luckily I logged on to check something a week before we flew up and noticed. 

In the end we got a really nice hotel (Quest Parnell), although it was more expensive.

We stayed with Kyle (Peters Brother) and Beth (Kyles girlfriend) for two days and they flew home on Sunday which was also my birthday so Peter and I had the night to ourselves.

Peter and Kyle headed out and did cardio on Sunday night while Beth and I stayed at the hotel and drank cider and talked.

While out for their walk they stopped at the supermarket and brought some cards and Peter brought me some lovely flowers to say thank you for supporting him – SO CUTE!!!!

View from our hotel room – that long skinny bit is a pool
Beth (peace), Peter (in the kitchen prepping his food) and Kyle (reflecting the sun) in our Hotel room
Mr Tan (Peter) prepping his food for the night
The beautiful flowers that Pete brought, excuse the fancy vase (they even made it home on the plane)

Saturday was the show. Up early and off to the Victory Conference Centre to watch men and woman on stage in their underwear showing off their muscular bodies.

I felt very, very pale in comparison. 

Since it was the Pro Am they had a guest poser in the evening, Jason Compton was AMAZING, while waiting for the show to finish up Peter and I spoke to him out the front of the venue, he is such a nice guy and so down to earth.

Peter on stage at Pre-judging, not the best photo as it was taken on my phone
Peter chilling out with some music before going on stage
Jason Compton guest posting – this guy is massive!!!!
SOOOO pale!!!

Leaving the venue we were met with a beautiful clear Auckland night.


Of course we went straight to the supermarket and stocked up on good foods (and soap and a loofa mit for Peter)

That’s some healthy shopping!!

We then settled in for a quiet evening of pizza, cider, wine, chocolate and ice cream.

Relaxing in pj’s watching tv with some wine – let the “holiday” begin!

Love From Lou-Lou xox


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