Hey guys, sorry it has been a while, some REALLY exciting stuff has happened in the past few weeks so decided it was time to

New addition to the family

First piece of exciting news is that my new niece was born a few weeks ago.
She is such a cuddly, adorable little girl!! We are so excited to welcome you to the family!


Now we are waiting on the next niece to be born… she is only a few weeks away so watch this space!


So I am a HUGE fan of The Script but missed out on going to see them when they toured a few years ago. (insert sad face!!)
Therefore when I found out they were coming back this year for their No Sound Without Silence tour I had to get a ticket.

I had been so excited for months that I had tickets.
In the lead up I had a few very busy, very tiring, very long weeks of work, and this continued right up until 3 hours before my flight (truth be told, even at the airport and on the plane I was still running through to do lists and priorities for when I get back to work… great start to a holiday right!)
I flew into Auckland and straight into peak hour traffic… (FUN!!!) to arrive at the hotel tired and cranky. Upon arrival I was told by the lovely receptionist that my room had been upgraded for free!! This was amazing news, I had gone from a one room plus bathroom unit to a unit with bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom!! Now this is how we start a holiday!!!!!
So with no time to spear it was preparation for concert mode, shower, make up, hair, dressed and out the door in record time…

Quick stop downstairs for a huge slice of pizza – so good!


Opening for The Script was Colton Avery who was awesome. I have never heard his music before but loved it!!



Then it was time for The Script – AHHHHHHHHHH SO EXCITED.
I jumped and danced and sang and screamed and laughed. It was such an amazing night, the music was awesome. It is safe to say I was on top of the world!! You can tell that these lads really love their fans!
Not to mention I was about 10 people from the front and got a great view…




You know you have had a good night when you wake up the next morning sore and still tired!
After a quick breakfast and stroll in the sun it was off home again… back to windy, rainy, cold Wellington.

A week later I am still trying to wipe the smile off my face, this was one of the most amazing nights of my life and I can’t wait to go and see The Script live again!!

Anyway that is my mini update on life right now, easy to say it is pretty good!!
Thanks for reading, I will try and check in again really soon!!



Love From Lou-Lou xox


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