Sunsets and Birthdays

Thought I would share some photos that I have taken recently.

I am only new to photography, but if anyone has advise, tips, tricks, recommendations, suggestions, please let me know.

I am using a Panasonic Lumix FZ35 camera.

Raumati Beach 15th April 2015

13043399_1054116727980249_2084856411999584484_n (1)13001052_1054116751313580_1294787668701838907_n13043417_1054116787980243_7614854975741259871_n

Greys Road 18th April 2016 – tried a few different shots, not 100% sure that I like how they have turned out.



Greys Road 19th April 2016 – going to work and seeing a view like this, how could I not stop for some shots.



My Nieces 1st Birthday Party – these photos are so much harder! Most of the pictures were of my 3 nieces and family, but since they aren’t my kids and I haven’t asked consent to post their faces on-line I will stick to these shots. I have my other Nieces 1st birthday in a few weeks so any tips on how to shoot these types of shots and how to get the right composition for things like table set up, cake etc PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment!!!



Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment with what you think or any tips etc!

Love from Lou-Lou

ps. for more pics, please visit my facebook page  🙂


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