Wharfs and pastel sun

Yesterday on my lunch break I took a walk along the Petone waterfront and then down the Wharf. Warm sun, salt air, gentle breeze and a good chance for some photos.




Then on the way home the sunset was pastel and pretty so took some shots in the same place I took them yesterday morning.



Enjoy 🙂

Love Laugh Lou-Lou


Quick update

So I have this blog, have had it for a while and not really done much with it. Same goes for my associated facebook page…

Just wanted to post a quick update as I have taken the facebook page in a new direction and am likely to do the same with this blog.

The plan is to keep posting general blog stuff (life, recipes, etc) but mainly it will be to share photos that I take.


We have our honeymoon coming up in October and I want to be able to take some decent picture so I am learning a bit about Photography and want to share the pictures that I am taking as I learn.

I have already posted some on Facebook but will try to share some here as well.


Hope you enjoy the content that is to come 🙂

Love from Lou-Lou